CITY: El Paso, TX




THE PAGEANT: This event is independantly produced and directed by Laura's Production LLC. It promises glamour, excitement, high level of competition, lots of appearances, and great prizes courtesy by Laura’s Productions LLC. 

THE COMPETITION: The pageant will have three categories: casual wear, active wear and formal wear. There will be no swimsuit competition. 5 judges will base their decision on physical appearance, poise, posture and runway. The program is a great opportunity for ladies and men to experience pageantry, meet new friends, make appearances around town, learn how to walk the runway, and develop self-confidence and positive presentation skills. 

- Looking for ages 18 – 50 years old. (You may be married and/or have children ) 
- A resident of EI Paso




Mrs. El Paso 2023: Trang Nguyen 

Trang Nguyen is an extraordinary individual, honored as Mrs. El Paso 2023. She is a woman of many roles and remarkable achievements. Trang's journey can be defined by her unwavering dedication to her family, her professional pursuits, and her commitment to philanthropy. 

First and foremost, Trang is a proud and loving mother to three incredible children: Robert, Ryan, and Valentina. Her family is her greatest source of joy and inspiration, and she cherishes every moment spent with them. Trang's role as a mother has instilled in her a deep understanding of love, sacrifice, and the importance of creating a nurturing environment for her children to thrive. 

Trang is also a highly accomplished businesswoman. With a thirst for success and a relentless drive to grow, she is currently pursuing her education in business school. Trang recognizes the value of continuous learning and seeks opportunities to enhance her knowledge and skills. Her entrepreneurial spirit and determination are the foundations upon which she builds her professional endeavors. 

Beyond her family and career, Trang has a profound passion for cooking and exploring the world through travel. Joined by her loving husband and children, she embarks on culinary adventures, savoring different flavors and immersing herself in diverse cultures. Through these shared experiences, Trang creates precious memories and strengthens the bonds within her family. 

Charity has always held a special place in Trang's heart. From a young age, she developed a deep sense of compassion and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. This passion continues to drive her philanthropic efforts. Trang actively engages in charitable initiatives, dedicating her time, resources, and energy to causes dear to her heart. Her generosity knows no bounds, as she strives to uplift and empower those in need. 

Trang Nguyen, as Mrs. El Paso 2023, serves as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. Her journey exemplifies the qualities of strength, resilience, and compassion. With her family as her foundation and her dedication to philanthropy as her guiding force, Trang aims to create lasting positive change within her community and beyond. She is a shining example of a woman who embraces life's blessings with gratitude and uses her platform to uplift others.




Nathan is a man of many facets, each one a vibrant reflection of his passions and pursuits. From the baseball diamond, to the shimmering waters of the pool, athleticism has paved the way for his journey through the world of modeling and fitness. 

Swimming & Baseball were never just a sport to him, a place where he could "push his limits", finding out how to become strong minded. His experiences on the baseball field and in the pool molded him into a multi-faceted individual, equipped with the resilience and discipline necessary to flourish in the competitive realm of modeling. The same determination that propelled him around bases and through swimming lanes now guided him down runways and in front of the camera. His athletic background gave him an understanding of discipline, teamwork, and hard work. His training philosophy is rooted in the belief that strength, resilience, and well-being are the cornerstones of true beauty.


Nathan's passion and perseverance for fitness, have led him to channel his energy into fostering the well-being of those around him, where he shares his expertise and passion as a dedicated trainer, helping the lives of others with the transformative power of physical fitness. He identifies his trainings at the gym to be a "form of meditation.”


Beyond workouts and training in the gym, Nathan's travels have become a canvas for creating lasting memories with friends and family. His ability to seamlessly adapt and connect with people from all walks of life reflects his genuine curiosity and respect for the world's diversity. Through his travels, he embodies the idea that the true essence of beauty lies in the harmonious coexistence of unique cultures and perspectives.

Nathan would like to continue to immerse himself within the El Paso community as a helping hand in any way possible. Nathans love for his city, the culture within and for those around him gives him the everyday breath of fresh air that is needed to conquer any challenges throughout his day. 


Supporting all of El Paso since the beginning, Nathan really cant get enough of the culture within our desert mountains and can never get enough of the "real" mexican food you can discover in El Paso.  Nathan genuinely loves to support traditional events throughout the community, volunteering for any cause necessary. He says a "simple smile" can change someones mood for the good. He gives thanks most to the man upstairs, wakes up everyday thankful to see the light of day.