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Yamilette Esparza - Little Miss El Paso 2020

Aileen Ponce - Junior Little Miss El Paso 2020




DATE: Fall 2021

CITY: El Paso, TX


THE PAGEANT: This event is independantly produced and directed by Laura's Production LLC. It promises glamour, excitement, high level of competition, lots of appearances and great prizes courtesy by Laura’s Productions LLC.  

THE COMPETITION: The pageant has been going on since 2007. We are very excited to continue our relationship with Cielo Vista Mall. Part of the proceeds will go towards the Simon Youth Foundation, a non-profit organization. The pageant will have two categories: casual wear and formal wear. There will be no swimsuit competition. 5 judges will base their decision on physical appearnce, poise, posture and runway. The program is a great opportunity for young ladies to experience pageantry, meet new friends, make appearances around town, learn how to walk the runway, and develop self-confidence and positive presentation skills.


- Junior Little Miss El Paso Ages: 7 - 10 years of age 
- Little Miss El Paso Ages:  11-13 years of age
- In good health and good morale character
- A resident of EI Paso



Little Miss El Paso 2020

Hello My name is Yamilette Esparza. I am 11 yrs young and enjoy with much passion being an Athletic Allstar cheerleader. I celebrate my birthday towards the end of every year, as it’s clear best is always last?, December 12, 2008 on a Friday night I met my beautiful family for the very first time. My roots are firmly planted in the love towards my parents, family and mostly in God! I’m currently active in my beautiful community, school, church and as much as I can with my current platform, Little Miss El Paso 2020. I enjoy dancing, A LOT!  tick tock majority of the time, so if you see me don’t be shy and show me your moves! I love ice cream, chips and watching documentaries on Netflix with my mom.

I proudly sponsored by my Family’s  boutique Yurami Boutique. I competed in my first pageant when I was 5 yrs old And was crowned Mini Miss Patriotic 2015. Then, I took my next title 2017 Jr. Little Miss El Paso. Now as your 2020 Little Miss El Paso, I’m excited to see what more opportunities and people I will get to help! Stay tuned and follow me as I embark on this new journey!



Junior Little Miss El Paso 2020

Hello, my name is Aileen Ponce, I am 10 years old and I am currently your Jr Little Miss El Paso. I am a 4th grader at Paso del Norte School. I want to become a veterinarian when I grow older to help out animals in need. I have participated in many pageants here in El Paso as well as New York Fashion Week.