CITY: El Paso, TX




THE PAGEANT: This event is independantly produced and directed by Laura's Production LLC. It promises glamour, excitement, high level of competition, lots of appearances and great prizes courtesy by Laura’s Productions LLC.  

THE COMPETITION: The pageant has been going on since 2007. We are very excited to continue our relationship with Cielo Vista Mall. Part of the proceeds will go towards the Simon Youth Foundation, a non-profit organization. The pageant will have two categories: casual wear and formal wear. There will be no swimsuit competition. 5 judges will base their decision on physical appearnce, poise, posture and runway. The program is a great opportunity for young ladies to experience pageantry, meet new friends, make appearances around town, learn how to walk the runway, and develop self-confidence and positive presentation skills.


- Junior Little Miss El Paso Ages: 7 - 10 years of age 
- Little Miss El Paso Ages:  11-13 years of age
- In good health and good morale character
- A resident of EI Paso



Little Miss El Paso 2023

Vivian Avila is known for her boundless energy and infectious happiness. At the age of 13, Vivian finds herself in the final year of Middle School, relishing the opportunity to learn and forge new friendships. Vivian's interests revolve around cheerleading, a passion she has nurtured throughout her life. She actively participates in her school's cheer team, where her enthusiasm shines through her spirited routines. In addition to that, she is also a member of a competitive cheer time, demonstrating her commitment to the sport. Another athletic pursuit that brings Vivian joy is playing volleyball for her school.  


Aside from her athletic endeavors, Vivian is dedicated to personal growth. She has embraced the challenges of competitive cheerleading, participating in various competitions/ pageants to push her boundaries and improve her skills. She has been competing in pageants since she was a baby. Recently, she has come to realize that winning the crown is not the sole purpose of participating in pageants. Instead, she has discovered that pageants offer valuable opportunities for personal growth and development. Despite experiencing numerous losses in pageants, she has learned to view these setbacks as learning experiences rather than allowing them to negatively impact her self-esteem. Her parents have played a significant role in teaching her the importance of overcoming adversity and using it as motivation to improve oneself.

As Little Miss El Paso, her primary goal is to raise awareness within her community about the concept of paying it forward. She strongly believes in the power of unity and collective support, and she aims to inspire others to come together and assist one another in any way possible. She is committed to offering her assistance to anyone in need and is confident that, with the guidance of family, friends, and her director Laura, they will be able to make a positive impact on the lives of many individuals. 



Junior Little Miss El Paso 20223

Born and raised in the beautiful city of El Paso, Texas, Jasmine Amaryllis Romero is a fearless and confident 6-year-old. Jasmin is the youngest person to hold the title of Junior Little Miss El Paso since the pageant's inception in 2007.

Jasmine is the daughter of Maria and Julian Romero. She has an older brother Julian Alexander. She loves to play with her puppy “Love” and nap with her cat “Mika”. She successfully completed Kindergarten last June, earning an "A Honor Roll Student" trophy, a Core Value Award for "Academic Excellence," and her favorite accolade, the "Thelma the Unicorn Award," for her glamorous, unique, outgoing, and star-like qualities. Jasmine is currently a student at Idea Edgemere Public School, eagerly anticipating her start in first grade this August.

Jasmine has been competing in pageants since she was only 1 years old. At just 18 months old, she won the title of baby Miss El Paso beauty queen in her very first pageant. She has achieved multiple titles in scholarship pageants, including State Tot. She proudly represented the State Tot division at Internationals 2021, where she placed in the top 20 among more than 80 talented young girls.

Jasmine loves everything creative! She loves to dance, sing, draw and bake with Granny. She is been taking dance classes for the last 3 years. She started with ballet and then she added Jazz and Hip Hop. She also enjoys modeling and she is ready to start her singing class this Fall.

Jasmine has an insatiable love for travel and enjoys exploring a variety of places, including zoos, aquariums, and, of course, amusement parks. Join her on her incredible journey as Jr. Little Miss El Paso and accompany her on amazing adventures.