DATE: June 25, 2023

CITY: El Paso, TX



THE PAGEANT: This event is independantly produced and directed by Laura's Production LLC. It promises glamour, excitement, high level of competition, lots of appearances and great prizes courtesy by Laura’s Productions LLC.  

THE COMPETITION: The pageant has been going on since 2007. We are very excited to continue our relationship with Cielo Vista Mall. Part of the proceeds will go towards the Simon Youth Foundation, a non-profit organization. The pageant will have two categories: casual wear and formal wear. There will be no swimsuit competition. 5 judges will base their decision on physical appearnce, poise, posture and runway. The program is a great opportunity for young ladies to experience pageantry, meet new friends, make appearances around town, learn how to walk the runway, and develop self-confidence and positive presentation skills.


- Junior Little Miss El Paso Ages: 7 - 10 years of age 
- Little Miss El Paso Ages:  11-13 years of age
- In good health and good morale character
- A resident of EI Paso

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Little Miss El Paso 2022

Amaya R Galberth, is young bright and extremely talented teenager
who was raised in the Northeast side of El Paso. Amaya started her
journey of modeling and pageants at the age of 5. She is no rookie to
the big stage and flashing lights. Modeling for places like Dillard's,
Old Navy, JCPenney and Macy's. In 2020 She was the title holder of Jr.
Patriotic of El Paso. During her reign Covid-19 took place. That didn't
stop her. Amaya did many TikToks, dance parties and inspirational
quotes via Zoom to show that quarantine can be fun. Her biggest goal
was to try and  keep her peers and friends smiling during that
difficult time. On her free time, she is a 3-time Captain for her  All
Star Cheer team, plays volleyball, basketball but her favorite thing
to do is watch movies with her great grandmother. Amaya values the
importance of FAMILY, she has five siblings and loves each and
everyone of them. Amaya is a big advocate for body positivity.  " A
smile is the most beautiful thing on a women's body" ( Bob Marley) In
January of 2022 Amaya won the title holder of Little Miss El Paso, she
is looking forward to this year and making El Paso and everyone around
proud of what she will accomplish.

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Junior Little Miss El Paso 20222

Mia Montero is 7 years old and attends Idea Edgemere Academy. She has
always had a passion for pageants and started participating at just 4
years old. Her dedication and commitment to everything she does is
admirable. Some of her favorite hobbies are painting and tumbling. She
loves animals and hopes to be a Veterinarian one day. She is the
sweetest and kindest little girl nothing but smiles always!