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Welcome to Laura’s Productions Modeling, Talent, Promotion and Pageants.  This will be your 2023 class schedule. The classes are held every second and fourth Sunday for the exception of holiday or events conflict. The classes will be held at Desert Eagle Productions located at 3631 Wooster LN. If you are going to miss a class- Please contact us at the office number   915 845-2894, or contact my executive assistants at 915 479-4230 and leave a message. If you miss three or more classes you will be given a courtesy call. No refunds will be issued at any time. Please keep the following schedule which will also be posted on our website as well. www.laurasproductions.com .


Classes are at 1 pm and 2 pm. 


New models please arrive at least a half an hour prior to your class schedule.  


– All models please arrive 15 minutes prior to your class schedule.    

Ladies please bring heels and dress appropriately. You can start the year at any class/date. Your year will start from the date you sign up and pay your first payment. Schedules dates are subject to change-you will be notified with any changes.   


Please follow this schedule, we do not need to remind you to attend class, it is your responsibility to keep track of all dates: 


2023 Schedule 


**Modeling classes will no longer be held at EP Fitness.

Classes are now held at Desert Eagle Productions.

3631 Wooster LN, El Paso TX